Doberman Puppy price

Doberman Puppy Price

Doberman Puppy Price

Doberman puppy prices contradict any laws of trade economics. In a healthy economy – a quality product costs higher, a substandard product costs noticeably cheaper. In a dog world the Doberman puppy price is almost always contradicts the quality – if you consider health and longevity as a top indicator of quality.
Doberman are on the more expensive side. Or, at least, they can be. Puppies usually cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500. It depends largely on the quality of the puppy. Show dogs are likely to be on the higher end of this range. Anything under $1,000 should be regarded with some suspicion. Doberman Puppy For Sale

How Much Is Doberman Puppy?

It is common for mass producing breeders to charge higher price and take advantage of buyers from economically advanced countries. I’ve seen breeders from Russia (and neighboring countries) and Serbia selling dogs on Facebook and Instagram for $2,500 – $4,000 (with shipping) to the US and Canada. When we look at these litters closely – only verbal health test results, declining longevity, high inbreeding, aggressive heredity for genetic diseases, and never disclosed cause of death of close relatives. Is that what we want to call a quality product that’s worth the top dollar?

On top of adopting your Doberman, you will also need to pay for your dog’s upkeep. For the first year, you can expect to pay closer to $4,500 for your canine’s needs. This is largely due to the supplies you’ll need to purchase for your dog. As you might imagine, your canine will need larger items due to their bigger size. This can drive your costs up. After the first year, you can expect to spend about $2,000 a year on your Doberman. Much of this will be spent on your dog’s food and medical needs. However, other costs will play a role as well.

Getting A Doberman Puppy For The Right Price

But breeders who truly breed for health and longevity, test their dogs on all known hereditary diseases, publicly disclose health results for all the dogs born in the kennel, and have may be 1-2 litters per year – struggle to find buyers. And this is the core problem we have in the breed. Health and longevity has to be the top criteria for selecting a quality puppy (read our How to find a breeder in Europe article for the full list of criteria).

Most of the time, the dogs bred by these breeders are not health tested, which can cause genetic conditions to be passed onto the puppies. Many puppies also don’t get the proper health care, including vaccinations. This can raise your starting vet costs.
Some puppies from Craigslist are bred by puppy mills. These places have many of the similar problems as backyard breeders. However, they usually focus on producing as many puppies as they can for as cheaply as possible. This usually results in them taking many different shortcuts with their canines. They are often kept in very small outdoor areas, and puppies are often removed from their mother too early.

Data Showing Doberman Price Worldwide

Data below was collected with the help of many Dobermann enthusiasts worldwide, who helped us collect statistics from the Kennel clubs and shared with us Doberman puppy price. Amount of registered puppies per year was collected based on official kennel club publications (either online or printed).

Doberman puppy prices worldwide

Country Puppies/year Average price Source*
Australia € 1,010
Brazil 1111 in 2015 € 500 CBKC
Canada 464 in 2017 € 1,937 Canada Kennel Club
Denmark 85 in 2017 € 1725 Danish Kennel Club
Estonia 26 in 2016 € 1200 Estonian Kennel Club
Finland 184 in 2017 € 1200 Finnish Kennel Club
France 886 in 2016 € 1650 Société Centrale Canine
Germany 531 in 2015 € 1550 Dobermann Verien annual brochure
Italy 1401 in 2017 € 1400 ENCI – National Cynologie Agency
Norway 63 in 2017 € 1875
Portugal 153 in 2016 € 550 Clube Português de Canicultura
South Africa 138 in 2017 € 527 Kennel club of South Africa
Spain 765 in 2016 € 1150 Real Sociedad Canina de España
Sweden 89 average € 1875
UK 1462 in 2017 € 1050 The UK Dobermann Club
USA 19,394 in 2017 € 2642 Doberman Pinscher Club of America

*TABLE FOOTNOTE: Some kennel clubs issue annual reports, where they publish amount of puppies registered per year. Used data is from such resources. However, Kennel Clubs don’t regulate prices. Presented data is a ballpark number provided by breeders from various countries and should be only referred to as “common knowledge”.

If you can contribute reliable data for missing countries, please, contact us.

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