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Sunny definitely changed our family's life. I've had American Dobermans in the past & Sunny is my first European Doberman. She is a shining example of the highest quality of Doberman & daily exceeds expectations of the breed standard. Sunny is an amazing dog & so playful, always happy, healthy, & extremely affectionate to my children. Loyal Family Dobermans breed quality top level Dobermans & their excellence in breeding is unmatched & the dogs speak for themselves. Sunny is beautiful, healthy, has a wonderful loving temperament & has been amazing therapy for my autistic son, Dane. He was terrified of dogs before. Especially small ones. Now none of those small dogs or any dogs, for that matter even bother him now. Because of Sunny, Dane got motivated to run & actually won his age division, 12 years old, in the Cupid's Chase in Nashville this year!! Dane & Sunny run 5ks with me in the park. Sunny's been a blessing to gives my son all the love & safe space he needs to encourage him & help him enjoy the world more. I've been socializing Sunny at the Portland Strawberry Festival, Farmers Market, TSC's, & she's very well behaved in public settings. No barking in the car or at passing dogs, barking dogs, & strangers. She lives with a few kitties & bunnies & Sunny does marvelous with her feline & bunny friends. No aggression whatsoever. We absolutely adore Sunny!!
doberman puppies for sale Australia
I got an European Doberman from Steve and Duane at Loyal Family Dobermans Farms and could not be more pleased. The pup is in excellent health and is super smart. Steve and Duane are both incredibly knowledgeable and guided me through everything and continue to have an open door to any questions that may come up. True professionals. I would recommend Loyal Family Dobermans Farms to anyone looking for a quality dog, breed with health in mind and constant support after you get your little one home. I would give them 6 out of 5 stars if I could. I’m so impressed with them and they pups they bring you.
doberman puppies for sale Australia
Hi Steve Just wanted to send you a note and tell you how happy I am with Judah (Alexander Judah de Grande Vinko.USA). He is so awsome. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all your help. You've always been there to help and answer all my questions and guide me in every aspect I've needed. Judah being the 2nd. Doberman I've gotten from you. I really should say the 2nd. quality, healthy, smart, intelligent with awesome temperament with perfect DNA. He such a wonderful dog. You truly have the very best. I am so happy once again and proud to say I have another Loyal Family Dobermans from your superior breeding's. Everywhere I take Judah people walk up to me and are in aww of what a beautiful dog he is. They ask where I got him, I'm always proud to say Loyal Family Dobermans I tell them they can never go wrong getting one of your puppies. I tell them if you are looking for the best knowledgeable and experienced breeder contact Steve at Loyal Family Dobermans because he's professional and the very best. Thank you again.
doberman puppies for sale Australia
I received my precious blue boy Lazarus a couple weeks ago from Steve at Loyal Family Dobermans. Steve has been so helpful throughout the entire process. He’s a WEALTH of knowledge & eager to share it! He is quick to answer my calls and texts, and patient with my many questions. Lazarus is SO SMART, and a loving, sweet handful! I HIGHLY recommend Loyal Family Dobermans Farms‼ Thank you Steve for your continued support!
doberman puppies for sale Australia
After a significant amount of research and conversations with countless breeders we decided that the European Doberman was the best fit for our family. We felt most comfortable with Steve and Loyal Family Dobermans Farms. He was always patient and prompt when responding to our questions and requests for photos. Steve ensured that the puppy we adopted (Zeda) possessed the right disposition for our family situation. He was spot on. We received a healthy, calm, confident, and well socialized pup. Her disposition and conformation of are of the highest quality. I would expect nothing less from the offspring of Karadag. We highly recommend Loyal Family Dobermans Farms.
doberman puppies for sale Australia
We HIGHLY recommend Loyal Family Dobermans Farms Dobermans. On July 6 we went to Memphis to get our first Dobie Lexi. She was 11 weeks old when we got her. Axel wasn't old enough to come home so we had to wait a month to get him. It felt like a year, but on Aug. 6 we welcomed our baby boy home. We could not be happier with our babies. Steve at Loyal Family Dobermans Farms was/is amazing. He really cares about his pups and goes above and beyond to help in any way. If you are looking for a beautiful healthy Dobie, Loyal Family Dobermans Farms is the place to get you one or two. :)) We are so thankful we were able to get two Dobie's. They are 7 weeks and 3 days apart but they play so well together and it just fills our hearts to watch them grow together every day. Thank you Steve!!! We are forever grateful!!!
Doberman puppies for sale Australia
Wanted to thank you again for all of your help and thoughtfulness! Our new puppy is cute, fun, active, healthy and very smart! We have a professional trainer who is totally impressed with her ability to learn fast and how she responds to training. We simply could not be more pleased! Again, thanks for all of your concern and attention to detail. The van delivery was excellent and a fine way to introduce Molly to her forever home. For anyone looking for a high quality Doberman, you can't go wrong with Loyal Family Dobermans Farms!!
european Doberman puppies for sale
I wanted a doberman puppy from European blood lines and found Loyal Family Dobermans Farms. I could not be more pleased with my puppy Willow. She is excellent quality and disposition. It is obvious her care has been the very best and when i visited her before i picked her up the socialization and wonderful love and care she was getting was most apparent. I would highly recommend Loyal Family Dobermans Farms for an excellent Dobe companion and best friend. If you are looking for Doberman puppies for sale Australia
doberman puppies for sale Australia
doberman puppies for sale Australia